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Embroidery Department Manager

My love of sewing was born in a chicken coop...that is right a chicken coop. Growing up in rural Wayne County NC meant daily chores. One of my chores was to gather, clean and prepare the eggs for market. My mother shared 10% of the egg money with me for this task. When my nest egg grew I would get to spend it on something to show my hard work. Around age 12 or 13 my mother shared a most precious gift with me, she taught me to sew on a treadle type Singer sewing machine. On this machine is where she would turn the chicken feed sacks made of pretty patterned fabric into my most favorite dresses. I knew then how I would spend my egg money, fabric, fabric and more fabric. Throughout high school I continued to sew and be graded on how well the garment looked on the inside and out, participate and score high marks in school fashion shows. Later after I was married and had a family, creativity and life took me many different directions but I have always enjoyed sewing. A few years ago, my husband, Bob encouraged me to purchase an embroidery machine and, while I didn't know it then, a whole new world opened up to me.



Vinyl Department Manager

I grew up in a home where creativity ran wild. My Dad restored airplanes and my Mom loved to sew and create all kinds of crafts. The sewing gene skipped me but I still enjoyed helping to make the Christmas ornaments, flower arrangements, or just painting this or that. After working in the banking industry, becoming a wife and then a mom of 4 I spent my free time being creative. I ventured into cake decorating, rubber stamping, and scrapbooking. When My oldest son was born with severe asthma I became a stay at home mom and turned my creative juices toward planning and executing awesome birthday parties and cakes for my kids.  In 2016, my mom and I decided we needed to learn and add the vinyl industry to her embroidery skills and Granny's Barn, Inc. was born.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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